Occupational Medical Services


BSMP provides Occupational Medical services to a number of local employers.

Our doctors, nurses and administrative staff are experienced and understand the need for a partnership based approach to support employers to manage WHS risks and work related injury and illness.

We also appreciate timely and effective communication is key to achieving sustainable return to work outcomes. In addition, we know our administrative processes need to be efficient to allow your business to make timely decisions relating to recruitment and work related injury and illness. Our services include:

  • Pre-Placement Medical Assessments (PPMAs)
  • Routine Medical Assessments (eg driving, aviation and annual hearing tests)
  • Treatment of work related injury and illness
  • Corporate programs (eg flu vaccination programs)
  • Health related educational services.
Bowral Street Medical Practice, Occupational Medical Services

Pre-Placement Medical Assessments

Pre-Placement Medical Assessments (PPMAs) are used by employers as a risk management tool in the recruitment process to help identify any health conditions that may put candidates at an unreasonable risk of injury or illness. It can also be helpful to create a baseline for common work related conditions such as hearing loss. It must be stressed that PMMAs are not a pass/fail assessment and reports are provided directly to the employer to review in conjunction with other recruitment and risk management processes.

BSMP can tailor PPMAs to the needs of the employer and industry. Many employers will include a functional audiometry testing in the assessment and drug screening tests are also commonly included. The focus of drug screening tests is to identify candidates who may be taking illicit and/or prescription drugs regularly.

  • Facilities - We have an audio booth onsite at BSMP to streamline the booking and assessment process for both candidates and the employer.
  • Results – Routine results will be sent to the employer on the same day and usually within 2 hours after the PPMA has been completed. This may be longer for if further investigation or follow-up is required.
  • Appointment Availability – typically within 1-2 working days, however, appointments need to be made with both a nurse and a doctor so the more notice we have the better.
  • Communication - Our doctors are available to discuss result with you if required.

Work Related Injury and Illness

BSMP provides services to treat employees referred by employer clients. This service supports employers in the management of work related injury and illness, with a focus on achieving a timely and sustainable return to work.

  • Access to Appointments - Appointments for our employer referrals are treated as a priority. As a general rule, appointments are available same day and often within a few hours. We appreciate that injury occur at all times of the day and make every effort to accommodate any initial appointments even if they occur late in the day.
  • Referral – Unless clinically indicated, we would not routinely refer to employees on to the hospital.
  • Communication – We work with employers to understand your workplace and relevant policies and procedures including Return to Work, Manual Handling, suitable duties programs, etc. Our doctors are available to talk with you and will contact an employer representative to discuss any relevant issues (eg after an initial appointment to clarify suitable duties, etc).
  • Fees - As per Workcover fees.

Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Many employers undertake flu vaccination programs for employees to help minimise the impact of influenza related illness. BSMP is able to provide on-site flu vaccinations programs for employers and can arrange times to coincide with end and start of shifts to minimise disruption to operations. Alternatively arrangements can be arranged to have programs based at the practice.

Other Services

Bowral Street Medical Practice can provide tailored services such as corporate skin checks and awareness campaigns and surveillance and executive health checks.